My top 5….


For basically no reason whatsoever, today on Facebook I asked my friends to name a topic in which they were curious to know my top 5. It’s one of those silly little meme style posts that generally has very little substance, but I had so much fun making the lists I decided to post it here. Sort of like a FAQ, but way less formal. More like a group interrogation from people who know all my weirdest quirks.

Dylan –  Easy one to start. Top 5 90s TV shows?

  • Catdog
  • All That
  • Rockos Modern Life
  • Rugrats

Mychal – Balls

  • Tennis
  • Base
  • Masquerade
  • Bouncy
  • Golf

David – How about top five views in Colorado?

5. The Three Apostles from the summit of Mt. Huron
4. West Maroon Pass looking back towards Crater Lake
3. Loch Vale, RMNP
2. Summit of Arapahoe Pass looking down on Caribou Lake

Erin – Places to poop outside

I actually do have a list for this and I talk about it almost every time I go hiking 😂

5. I found this awesome bush in the maroon bells wilderness with a great view
4. Moab. It’s weird because you have to poop in a bag, but like deserts are beautiful, and no mosquitos to bite your business.
3. Down near Pagosa. The hot springs smell like sulphur already so you’re off the hook for the smell.
2. Alaska. Makes you feel wild and manly.
1. The best poop of my entire life was in the Quetico Wilderness in Ontario, Canada. I was on the edge of a cliff overlooking a beautiful lake at sunset, with a perfect log to lean against (comfort is key). The amazing view was complimented by a mother Rough Grouse sitting on her nest and singing me songs.

Sydney – I’m amazed nobody has asked about beers? So beers.

Oh god. In no particular order;

  • Focal Banger
  • Nightmare on Brett, Port Barrel
  • Palisade Reunion (this beer is brewed by a friend of mine, so I tagged him and told him to suck it. Dudes are weird)
  • Weiheinstephaner Original
  • All Day IPA

Jessica – Cheeses!

Oh lort. Ok here we go.

  • Cambozola
  • Comté
  • Sharp Cheddar
  • Fresh Mozzarella
  • Havarti

Trevor – Sleeping Positions

  • Left Side
  • Right Side
  • Face Down
  • Awake
  • Awake

Seriously though I can’t sleep on my back.

Chris – Top Five aphrodisiacs?…

  • A good home cooked meal
  • Massage
  • Love
  • Talent
  • Sunshine (yeah I know that’s weird, sue me)

Jason –  Top 5 places you would live at?

  • Dunedin, NZ
  • Canmore, Alberta
  • Whitefish, Montana
  • Hood River, Oregon
  • Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica

    I actually had Boulder on that list because I like it here but I guess that’s sort of a cop out.

Wendi – Top five people who SHOULD be held responsible for the Batmobile losing a wheel and the Joker getting away.

  • The Michelin Man
  • George W. Bush (economic decline caused the collapse of the American Motor Industry, thus shoddier batmobile construction and therefore the lost wheel)
  • Bono (just don’t like him, not sure why)
  • Mrs. Claus (She’s in charge of all Christmas time transportation maintenance)
  • Batman. Come on man, it’s your own car. Make sure the wheels aren’t going to fall off.

Kreig – Top 5 celebrity baby names

  • Bear Blu (Alicia Silverstone)
  • Peaches Honeyblossom (Bob Geldof and Paula Yates)
  • Buddy Bear Maurice (Jamie Oliver)
  • River Rocket (Jamie Oliver AGAIN WTF)
  • Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee)
BONUS; Moon Unit. Frank Zappa’s kid. Because wow.

Kyle – Top five categories to make a top 5 list of.

  • Heirloom carrot varieties in order of sowing season from earliest to latest.
  • Sandwich condiments
  • Balloon animal shapes
  • Best ways to die
  • Things you want yelled at you by Gordon Ramsay



Ok there you go, now you know everything about me. If you have another top 5 list you want me to make, drop it in the comments and I’ll get to you when it’s time for part 2!


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